Stilo Acrysol Visor Cleaner
Stilo Stilo Acrysol Visor Cleaner $19.95
Stilo Acrysol Visor Cleaner Ground Shipping Only for this Item. Stilo helmet visors have a special anti-fog coating that is harmed by any type of ammonia, acidic, or even vinager based cleaners. The only safe way to clean a Stilo visor is with this very fast drying, ultra-purified solvent based cleaner. Stilo Visor Cleaner Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: YA0640 Size: 20 oz Aerosol: Yes Approved by Stilo: Yes Acrysol is commonly used in premium auto body shops. Used primarily for body panel degreasing prior to top color coat application, and is the official Stilo visor cleaner. How do you clean a Stilo Visor? We prefer to remove the shield from the helmet and spray a wet mist amount on the inside first. Then quickly and lightly, use a single wiping action to to go from one side to the other going the long way. We then turn the visor over and repeat using the single swipe method. If debris/mud/etc remain, repeat until perfect. This is the Official certified cleaning agent that will keep your vision perfect in front and the competition behind and not damage your special anti-fog coating.
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Stilo Carbon Curva 8870 Rib Protector
Stilo Stilo Carbon Curva 8870 Rib Protector $616.95 $686.00
Stilo Carbon Curva 8870 Rib Protector Homologated by the FIA World Motor Sport Council and developed by Stilo, the new Stilo Carbon Curva 8870 Karting Body Protection features ‘Carbon Curva’ technology patented by the Italian manufacturer, which allowed the fusion of protective carbon and flexible carbon adding top functionality to a device designed to protect the driver's chest and rib, crucial body areas in karting. The drivers wear it under their CIK-FIA-approved overalls, remaining free to move their arms, neck, and head, as it perfectly fits the body. Mandatory in FIA Karting Championships, Cups, and Trophies from the 2021 season, the FIA 8870-2018 Standard for Karting Body Protection (KBP) is extremely light and comfortable. A combination that provides superior protection to kids and adults within an all-in-one device. Designed to withstand 60J of energy to the chest and 100J of energy to the ribs, the FIA KBP standard prevents injuries from impacts with flat or curved structures, the steering wheel or edge of the seat, and the steering column.
Stilo Carbon Curva Rib Protector
Stilo Stilo Carbon Curva Rib Protector $380.95
Stilo Carbon Curva Rib Protector Stilo has developed their patented-technology Kart ‘Carbon Curva’ Rib Protector for the serious kart racer. Unlike other protectors on the market, this protector incorporates a patented fusion of protective carbon and flexible carbon to form a more comfortable, form-fitting solution while offering superior protection. A great fit results in less movement within the protector, increasing both comfort and protection. Made with an ultra-lightweight carbon construction, the Carbon Curva is vailable in both Medium and Large sizes.
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Stilo Cheek Pads
Stilo Stilo Cheek Pads $81.37 $90.41
Stilo Cheek Pads Replacement cheek pads for Stilo ST5 / ST5.1 helmets help you customize your helmet to provide the perfect fit!
Stilo chin pad for st5.1 auto racing helmet YA0824 image
Stilo Stilo Chin Pad $29.95
Stilo Chin Pad Replacement chin pad for Stilo ST5 / ST5.1
Stilo Communications Kits
Stilo Stilo Communications Kits from $118.95 $133.00
Stilo Communications Kits Discovery Parts does not recommend installing these kits without proper training and tools. Call us at (844) 438-7244 and we'll make arrangements for you to send your helmet to us for professional installation and/or retrofitting. PLEASE NOTE: We will not warranty any Stilo communications kit that has not been professionally installed by our team of experts. Stilo AE0210 Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0210 Microphone: Yes, Gentex button shaped microphone that fits in chin bar of all Stilo Helmets Speakers: Yes, mounted in nose reducing padded Stilo Ear Cups Wiring protocol: Female IMSA (4C) The Stilo AE0210 is easily the #1 Stilo electronics wiring kit. Fitting all Stilo ST5 GT helmets that have side ports, SA2020, FIA 8859, FIA 8860-2010 and FIA 8860-2018. The round, button microphone is placed into the factory installed hole in the chinbar padding and ear cups are placed into the recesses on each side of the helmet. Stilo AE0214 Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0214 Audio in: Earbud 3.5mm female jack Microphone: Gentex button shaped microphone that fits in chin bar of all Stilo Helmets Who would want the Stilo AE0214? Anyone with a Stilo helmet with custom earbuds that does not want the ear-cups installed. If you find ear cups uncomfortable and use ear buds, then the Stilo AE0214 electronics kit is for you. Audio In: This Stilo EarBud Rally electronics kit uses the Stilo 3.5mm female earbud jack. All audio will be played into your ear buds. Microphone: Your Stilo helmet has a female recess in the front chin bar to place a microphone. The Stilo EarBud Electronics gives you a microphone that fits into the recessed area of your Stilo chin bar. Stilo AE0320 Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AE0320 Audio in: Earcup and Earbud, both work at the same time Audio out: Gentex flex boom microphone Stilo description: Gen Boom, Speakers, Earbuds 3.5mm What racers prefer the Stilo AE0320? Anyone with an extremely loud race engine. Some formula cars with the engine close to the driver or a ultra high compression race V8. If your car is very loud, or you went to too many Who concerts when you were younger, this is a great communication upgrade.Audio In: This Stilo Dual Rally electronics kit uses the proven Stilo powered ear cup audio electronics for each ear, but also lets you use your earbuds in addition. The audio will be played into both the ear cups and your earbuds at the same time. Microphone: Your Stilo helmet has a female recess in the cheek pad backing and front chin bar to place a noise canceling microphone. The Stilo Dual Rally & Ear Bud Electronics gives you a Gentex noise canceling microphone on a flex boom. You can place the microphone barely touching your upper lip and save your crew chiefs ears.
Stilo Crown Pads
Stilo Stilo Crown Pads $25.00
Stilo Crown Pads Replacement crown pads for Stilo ST5 / ST5.1 helmets help you customize your helmet to provide the perfect fit!
Stilo Helmet Aero Kits
Stilo Stilo Helmet Aero Kits from $60.77 $67.52
Stilo Helmet Aero Kits These aero kits from Stilo provide all the downforce needed for open-cockpit drivers to reduce helmet lift. They are especially popular for IndyCar, Formula Atlantic, and Radical drivers. Choose between rear aero, front IndyCar kit, or both!
Stilo Helmet Bag at the best prices anywhere from Thunderhill
Stilo Stilo Helmet and HANS Bag $102.95
Stilo Helmet and HANS Bag The Best Way to Carry Your Stilo Helmet and HANS Device An extremely high quality helmet bag for your Stilo helmet and HANS or other head-and-neck device1, the Stilo Helmet Bag Plus features a padded velour interior and a durable, water-repellant Cordura exterior. The heavy duty zippers keep your helmet and HANS device safe and secure going to and from the track. Helmet bags not only protect your helmet from damage during transport, they also make a helmet and HANS 1 much easier to carry. This lets you to carry other gear without the fear of dropping your expensive helmet. Check Out the Stilo Owners Kit For the Complete Package This high quality Stilo bag features a durable canvas exterior, a padded velour interior, a detachable shoulder strap for hands-free transport, and ventilation ports on the underside for faster drying. Stilo Helmet and HANS Bag Details: Mesh interior pocket for small accessories such as HANS posts or visor hardware. Thick rubber feet to stand bag upright. Two comfortable rubberized non-slip carrying handles. One easily-removable rubberized shoulder strap. Convenient business card window to insert owner's card in case you misplace the bag. Heavy-duty zippers and durable construction for years of hassle free use in racing environments. 1 Helmets and HANS device pictured are not included. You can find the helmets and HANS device pictured at the following links: Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite (silver) helmet Stilo ST5.1 GT Carbon Fiber helmet HANS device
-10% sale
Stilo Helmet Cable for IMSA Radio Systems
Stilo Stilo Helmet Cable for IMSA Radio Systems $86.52 $96.13
Stilo Helmet Adapter for IMSA Radio Systems Genuine Stilo to IMSA helmet adapter cord to connect the female communication port on your Stilo Helmet to any female IMSA car harness. The short cable has a 4-inch coiled section while the long cable has a 10-inch coiled section. Stilo to IMSA Adapter Cable (4C to 4C) Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: AC0212 (short) / AC0224 (long) Helmet end: Stilo 4C Chassis end: IMSA 4C Cord type: Semi-coiled
Stilo Helmet Owner's Kit
Stilo Stilo Helmet Owner's Kit $129.95
Stilo Helmet Owner's Kit by Thunderhill The Perfect Accessories For Your Stilo Helmet This kit has everything you need to get the most out of your Stilo helmet, including a Stilo Helmet Bag to keep your helmet and HANS device1 safe and secure plus the proper care products to ensure your helmet is clean, stays fresh, and lasts for years. What Makes Up the Stilo Helmet Owner's Kit Stilo Helmet & HANS Bag fits your Stilo helmet plus all major brands of head-and-neck restraints (will not fit Simpson Hybrid devices) Acrysol shield cleaner, the only cleaner recommended by Stilo for use with their helmet shields Molecule Refresh 16 oz. spray gets the funk out and keeps your helmet looking & smelling like new OPTIONAL: Stilo to IMSA, NASCAR, Trac-Com, Garmin, Raceceiver, or Chatterbox 3.5mm adapter cable 1 Helmet and HANS device are not included.
-11% sale
Stilo Helmet Skirt
Stilo Stilo Helmet Skirt $153.95 $172.00
Stilo Helmet Skirt Stilo 2 layer nomex fitted helmet skirt. Fire retardant fitted helmet skirt can be used to help prevent dust and debris from coming inside the helmet. Its design keeps the skirt tight to the helmet without the use of Velcro and helps eliminate dust, smoke or flames from entering the helmet. Fits any ST5 full face helmet. SFI 3.3 approved! Features a cutout for Eject Helmet Removal tube
Stilo Intercom Systems
Stilo Stilo Intercom Systems from $307.95 $343.00
Stilo WRC 03 Intercom System The Stilo WRC Series Intercom Systems were designed to be securely installed on the roll bar, where it's easy to reach and convenient to adjust. They plug directly into your Stilo helmet with the included IMSA cables for clear, pitch-perfect audio while on track. The WRC Series feature an automatic On/Off switch controlled through co-driver plug connection; no more starting races disconnected. Individual volume adjustment for each connected helmet. Nine-volt power supply standard (9V battery), with 12-volt available as option. Camera and/or radio connection is also possible with these units. The WRC-DES includes an advanced noise-canceling "extra filter" which effectively eliminates background noise to make driver/co-driver communications clearer than ever! For more advanced communication needs, the DG-10 includues noise-cancellation as well as a Bluetooth connection for simplicity at its finest. DG-10 Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter Integrated Bluetooth for mobile phone connection Camera and radio connections DG-30 Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter Separate main intercom box which can be positioned under the seats to offer a lower center of gravity Remote control panel GSM module integrated into the intercom box with a SIM card slot Camera and radio connections DG-30 Includes the following: Main unit with GSM module integrated remote control panel external aerial
Stilo Helmets colored tinted smoke and clear visors for ST5 and ST5.1 auto racing helmets.
Stilo Stilo ST5 and ST5.1 Helmet Shields from $143.95
Stilo Visor for the ST5 and ST5.1 Racing Helmet Colorful Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Visor Shields for Your Stilo Helmet These Stilo visors are a great way to add some color to your racing life! Stilo offers a wide variety of visor options including many popular iridium colors. All Stilo visors have an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating and are made for a perfect fit on your Stilo ST5 or ST5.1 helmet (both the GT and N "naked" versions)1. A Note on Cleaning Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Visors Anti-fog visors require special care, only use Stilo Visor Cleaner (Acrysol). Do not use Windex or glass cleaner containing ammonia as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor and the anti-fog coating on the inside. 1 Stilo helmet not included.
-11% sale
Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet
Stilo Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet $565.95 $629.00
Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet NOTE: White/Blue and White/Red color selections have a white exterior with a colored interior only. The ST5 CMR 2016 is one of Stilo's karting helmets that are directly derived from Stilo's auto racing helmets that dominate at the top levels of racing. Drivers rave about the superior comfort levels as well as Stilo’s lightweight construction and unparalleled field of vision, a crucial attribute for karting. The CMR standard was developed jointly by the FIA Institute and Snell Memorial Foundation to ensure safer and lighter weight helmets for karting. The Stilo ST5 CMR Kart delivers, and more. FEATURES: Snell/FIA CMR 2016 certified Youth helmet Exceptional fit; fully adjustable including replaceable cheek and crown pads Great field of vision Best in class aerodynamics with available aero kits Aerodynamics personalization available Patented shield locking mechanism with 2 positions Exceptional air flow EPS cheek pads provide the best in lateral crash safety Lightweight construction 1200 grams CMR version Stilo helmets are worn by winning drivers worldwide, including well known F1 Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champions Martin Truex, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch, IndyCar Series Champion Tony Kanaan and WRC Champion Sebastion Loeb.
-9% sale
Stilo ST5 Earcup Set
Stilo Stilo ST5 Earcup Set $31.93 $34.95
Stilo ST5 Earcup Set Stilo passive noise attenuating removable earcups. Not for use with helmets equipped with built-in earcup communications. Can be used in conjunction with 3.5mm jack and in-ear buds, or without any communications installed.

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