Speedcom Single Ear Headset


Speedcom Single Ear Headset


SPEEDCOM SCC-SEIH single ear intercom headset connects to all SPEEDCOM intercom units and features a built-in IMSA (4C) male connector for simple, reliable driver to passenger communications.

SPEEDCOM Single Ear Headset Details:

  • Manufacturer: SPEEDCOM
  • Manufacturer part number: SCC-SEIH
  • Flexboom length: 18 cm
  • Wiring harness length: 3 ft & 19.5 in
  • Wiring harness protocol: IMSA 4C Male

Earpiece speaker details:

The actual speaker portion of the SPEEDCOM SEIH Single Ear Intercom Headset is quite small. Measuring approximately 3.5 cm diameter, the thickness is 2 cm microphone and pillow pad. The pillow pad compresses easily and has the right amount of "give" for comfort.

Earpiece flex boom microphone:

Attached to the speaker is a flex boom noise cancelling microphone. The flex portion of the boom is 14 cm long and the mini microphone adds 4 cm, making it 18 cm long total for full reach around anyone's face to their mouth. The compact size works in every helmet we tried on.

Earpiece wiring harness:

Why do students pull the earpiece out by the wires? That is the question for the ages. SPEEDCOM changes how headsets are built by making the harness with a built-in molded plug. Other brands use the compression of the two speaker piece halves to hold the wire, but SPEEDCOM uses a wire that has the security block built into the harness during the manufacturing stage. Is this a more expensive way to build a headset? Certainly. Is it the better way to build a headset? Defiantly. Using the most popular form of racing protocols, IMSA, the lead is 3 ft and 19.5" long and a perfect length for either a dash mounted unit or shoved between the seat of a D.E. car, or in the instructors hand.

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Total price: $89.95