Sparco EVO XL QRT-X Racing Seats


Sparco EVO XL QRT-X Racing Seats


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Sparco EVO XL QRT-X Racing Seat

Feel the track beneath you and conquer each curve as you settle into the Sparco EVO XL QRT X-Range, the throne of speed designed exclusively for the true racing enthusiast. With state-of-the-art technology and unmatched comfort, this seat isn’t just part of your car; it’s your partner in the race against time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced QRT Technology: Utilizing Sparco's patented Quick Resin Tech, the EVO XL QRT X boasts an ultralight fiberglass composite shell, reducing weight by up to 30% compared to traditional seats. Feel the difference as this feather-light yet rugged seat bolsters your control and speed.
  • Water Repellant and Dust Resistant: The innovative seat cover not only repels water but dries quickly, making it perfect for unpredictable weather. The dust-resistant material keeps your cockpit pristine and maintenance low.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Ergonomics: With additional padding atop the side bolsters, the discomfort of climbing in and out is a thing of the past. The seat's back angle offers the most recline in Sparco's range, ensuring a comfortable drive, no matter the distance.
  • Optimal Fit for All Sizes: Available in three sizes—Medium, Large, and X-Large—this seat ensures a perfect fit for every driver, supporting a waist size up to 38 inches.
  • Safety First: FIA approved and crafted with fire retardant fabric and special non-slip material, the EVO XL QRT X doesn’t just elevate your driving experience; it enhances your safety on the track.


  • Sizing Options: Medium (up to 34” waist), Large (up to 36” waist), X-Large (38” waist)
  • Materials: Ultralight QRT fiberglass composite, water repellant and dust resistant cover, fire retardant and non-slip fabric
  • Approval: FIA certified


  • Q: How do I clean the seat cover? A: Simply wipe down with a damp cloth. The water-repellant and dust-resistant features make cleaning effortless.
  • Q: Can this seat fit into any racing vehicle? A: Absolutely! Its excellent fitment is designed for even the smallest cockpits, making the EVO XL QRT X a versatile choice for any racer.

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