Sparco QRT-K Carbon Kevlar Racing Seat


Sparco QRT-K Carbon Kevlar Racing Seat


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Sparco QRT-K Carbon Kevlar Racing Seat

The QRT-K is a full Carbon Kevlar version of the QRT-R. The QRT-K looks amazing with the exposed yellow/black Carbon Kevlar weave. The QRT-K is one of the lightest seats on the market. The QRT-K weighs 13.5lbs fully trimmed (with padding, cover and harness guides) and is constructed from “Pre-Preg” aerospace grade Carbon Kevlar. The QRT-K was specifically designed for a larger driver and it can fit a 36” waist (pants size) driver. The QRT-K is unique because it was designed to fit a larger driver but has excellent fitment into smaller cockpits. The QRT-K requires the special QRT Side mounts (#600QRT) which allows the seat to be raked back for a comfortable ergonomic seating position. The QRT-K is FIA approved.


Large fits up to a 36” waist (pants size)


Designed and developed at the Sparco OEM Composite Laboratory in Italy, QRT is a patented state-of-the-art technical process, based on aerospace technologies.

QRT creates an unparalleled mechanical strength-to-weight ratio. This innovative production method generates the lightest fiberglass composite seat shells currently on the market; in fact, it guarantees a reduction in total weight of up to 30% compared to traditional production methods. The QRT seats approach the weight of a comparable carbon fiber seat at a lower price point.


  • Ultralight Carbon Kevlar Composite Shell - 13.5lbs including cover and padding
  • Visible carbon kevlar weave
  • Excellent fitment into small cockpits
  • Large size driver fitment
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Special non-slip fabric
  • FIA approved


QRT-C Carbon Size Chart

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