Schroth Right Side Net


Schroth Right Side Net


Schroth Right Side Net

The Schroth right side driver's net offers the best in driver safety. Attaches to the roll cage of your race car. Made of polyester, these nets will last longer than ordinary nylon nets. Polyester is not as susceptible to UV degradation over time.

We view right side nets (also called "cage nets") as a mandatory piece of safety equipment. In an impact, the body moves forward 6-8 inches. This is normal and quite necessary to prevent injury, with the harness stretching to help decelerate the body. If you're in a lateral impact (an impact that's not straight on), there are high lateral forces that will move you side-to-side. Without a right side net, it's very easy for the body to wrap around the side of the seat when the harnesses have stretched. A right side net prevents this by guiding your head and shoulders back into the seat keeping you from painful injury.

Please note, this used to be an SFI-rated product, but is now FIA-rated.


  • Schroth nets are tested with a dynamic load to more accurately represent the real world.

  • Carefully read the section about installing the net in your race car. The FIA requires that two vertical sections are in contact with the seat back to provide support. Schroth has added additional vertical sections to the FIA net, differentiating it from SFI-rated nets. Also make note of the angles involved in the installation.

  • The FIA recommends that a net be installed on either side of the seat for driver restraint. The FIA does not view the exterior net as adequate for restraining the driver; they want to see two interior nets whenever possible. The Tudor series currently enforces this and mandates two interior nets as well as a window net.

  • The FIA requires that the net be mount with the horizontal sections of webbing on the inside by the driver, so the drivers helmet has a smooth surface to slide down during an impact. On Schroth nets, this can be accomplished on both sides just be flipping the net over.

  • The FIA requires that the quick-release button be capable of being released under load, which is way Schroth developed their new style quick-release. The ratchet strap and metal clasp (seen on previous nets) have been removed from the net due to their inability to withstand an appropriate dynamic load. The new quick-release is lighter and safer than previous versions.

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