Sabelt GT-AM Racing Seat


Sabelt GT-AM Racing Seat


Sabelt GT-AM Racing Seat

Based on the same shell shape as Sabelt's top of the range GT Pro racing seat, the Sabelt GT-AM is a professional competition seat manufactured from lightweight fiberglass, making it a more affordable option to club racing competitors.

Sabelt GT-AM Offers Exceptional Safety Features

The Sabelt GT-AM seat was designed to offer superb levels of safety along with exceptional comfort. Deep side bolsters not only offer excellent lateral support, but they also keep the driver's legs inside the seat structure for greater impact protection. The integral wrap-around head support helps prevent neck injuries by checking excessive lateral head movement during a crash. Deep wrap-around shoulders provide support to the upper body, reducing lateral movement.

Sabelt GT-AM Makes Customized Driver Comfort Easy

The Sabelt GT-AM uses removable pads constructed from high-density foam to absorb vibration and shock loads, improving comfort and reducing driver fatigue. Replacement cushions in different thicknesses are available, allowing the driver to tailor the fit of the GT-AM.

The Sabelt GT-AM is compatible with all types of head-and-neck devices, including hybrid versions. Six harness slots allow the seat to be used with any type of racing harness.

For FIA homologation purposes, the Sabelt GT-AM racing seat must be used with specific side mounts available in the drop-down menu.

Sabelt GT-AM Racing Seat Details:

  • FIA 8855-2021 approved
  • Lightweight fiberglass shell
  • One full pad set is included (Medium, Large, or X-Large)
  • Integral wrap-around head protection
  • Deep side bolsters provide lateral support and impact protection
  • Additional seat pads available in different thicknesses for tailored fit

Racing Seat Dimensions:

Sabelt GT-AM racing seat dimensions chart sizing chart how big is Sabelt GT-AM

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Total price: $2,820.00