Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat


Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat


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Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat

All race drivers want to win. That’s the goal. And winning starts with how you fit in the car and relate ergonomically to its controls. The Recaro Profi SPG racing seat provides optimized body support during high g-force events, keeping you firmly in the right place to do your job. The Recaro Profi SPG also gives you great long term comfort, and it is this combination of comfort and support that gives you a competitive edge in driving performance.

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The Profi SPG’s ergonomic S-shaped fiberglass shell fits the natural curve of your spine, providing “built-in” structured lumbar support that protects against spinal compression in high-impact accidents.

Ideal for off-road and rally use, the shell of the Recaro Profi SPG with glass fiber reinforced polymer has been proven many times over and offer superb lateral hold on the race track as well as off-road. Also available in XL version.

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Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat Details:

  • FIA 8855-1999 certified and crash tested
  • RECARO proprietary ergonomics: S-shaped shell with “built-in” lumbar support
  • RECARO high-integrity fiberglass comfort shell
  • Aggressive thigh and torso bolstering
  • Lumbar cushions
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • RECARO friction grip at shoulders
  • Screw-mounted panels at belt slots
  • Flame-retardant upholstery
  • High-quality, durable foam
  • Suitable for 4, 5, or 6-point harnesses

Racing Seat Dimensions:

Recaro Profi SPG racing seat dimensions

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Total price: $1,195.00