Recaro Flexible Side Mount (XL Size)


Recaro Flexible Side Mount (XL Size)


Recaro Flexible Side Mount for XL Size Seats

This Kit Fits the Following Seats:

  • Recaro Pro Racer SPA XL
  • Recaro Pro Racer SPG XL

FIA Approved Racing Seat Flexibility

The Recaro Flexible Adapter bracket for the P 1300 GT advanced racing shell gives your Recaro full forward and backward sliding movement. The Recaro Flexible Adapter is the only FIA approved sliding mounting bracket for the Recaro XL racing seat. It was designed by Recaro specifically for endurance races where driver changes need to be done in seconds.

The Recaro Flexible Adaptor seat mount is among the most robustly design slider mounts we've ever seen. The Flexible Adapter mount is a reinforced side mount and slider assembly intended for professional endurance racing. This FIA-certified seat slider has extra reinforcing braces on the front and rear which eliminate a lot of the lateral movement seen in traditional, un-reinforced side mount brackets. This Recaro high strength seat slider/mount combination is just the thing to keep you planted firmly in place. Even the bright red, attention-grabbing slider hand bar is overbuilt. 

This slider and mount system only works with the Recaro XL-size seats. Check out the standard-size version here.

See the Recaro Flexible Adapter Side Mount in Action

Recaro racing seat (pictured) sold separately.


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Total price: $995.00