Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Bracket


Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Bracket


Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Bracket

The Racetech RTB2115B bracket for back-mounting seats is made from 5mm 5083 aluminum alloy. This bracket bolts to the rear shoulder section of Racetech 119-Series racing seats and works in conjunction with Racetech RTB2005C clamps. This allows you to brace your racing seat to a lateral or diagonal roll cage or roll bar tube.

Four holes must be drilled into the RTB2115B bracket to accept the Racetech clamps once you have your racing seat set-up in the optimum driving position. For more info, take a look at these racing seat back-mounting instructions.

Racetech RTB2115B Is Compatible With These Racetech Seats:

  • RT4119HRW
  • RT4119THR
  • RT4119WHR
  • RT4119WTHR
  • RT9119HR
  • RT9119THR
  • RT9119WHR
  • RT9119WTHR

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