Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1595



RS 14 RST 2

Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1595


RS 14 RST 2

Fits These Vehicles:

Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
Citroën DS3 R3 Tarmac Rally 15 - X
Citroën DS3 R5 Tarmac Rally 15 - X X
Ferrari 360 Challenge 99 - 05 X
Ford Fiesta R2 Tarmac Rally Spec 2016 15 - X
Ginetta G55 GT4 [race car] X
Peugeot 208 R2 12 - X
Peugeot 208 R5 12 - X X
Toyota GT86 2.0 GT R3 Rally 15 - X

Fits These Calipers:

Make Type
Alcon B type [4441]
Alcon R5
Brembo 07.5139. [type 132 or B13 family]
Coleman Series III

RS 14:

The PAGID RS14 (Black) is a high friction value ceramic compound with very good modulation and high fade resistance. A very popular, aggressive pad with strong initial bite and high torque. In addition to the track-day environment, RS14 has shown success in short- to medium-distance circuit racing as well as gravel and tarmac rallying.

RST 2:

PAGID RST2 is an aggressive pad compound with instant pedal response and release, and a firm pedal at all temperatures. Medium to high friction, fade resistant compound with a progressive torque curve and good pedal feel. Recommended for GT racing on tracks where higher temperatures are an issue.

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