Forgeline Wheels Porsche 991 GT3 RS - GT2 RS Track Package

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Wheel Design

GS1R GE1R +$400 NW105 +$400 VX1R +$400

Wheel Diameter

19" Front/Rear 20" Front/Rear +$150 20" Front/21" Rear +$250


None Hoosier R7 Toyo R888R Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Dunlop Sport Maxx Race

Forgeline Wheels Porsche 991 GT3 RS - GT2 RS Track Package

Wheel Design

GS1R GE1R +$400 NW105 +$400 VX1R +$400

Wheel Diameter

19" Front/Rear 20" Front/Rear +$150 20" Front/21" Rear +$250


None Hoosier R7 Toyo R888R Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Dunlop Sport Maxx Race

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Forgeline Wheels Motorsport Series
Porsche 991 GT3 RS & GT2 RS Track Package

This Forgeline Wheel Package Fits the Following:

  • 991.1 Porsche GT3 RS (2016)
  • 991.2 Porsche GT3 RS (2019)
  • 991.2 Porsche GT2 RS (2019)

Thunderhill Makes Buying Forgeline Wheels For Your Porsche Easy

The easiest way to get Forgeline Wheels for your 991 Porsche GT3 RS or GT2 RS is Thunderhill's exclusive Track Package. We've sold hundreds of Forgelines for the Porsche GT2 RS and GT3 RS, working directly with Forgeline to develop the best offsets and wheel sizes, maintain brake and fender clearance, ensure ABS and Traction Management functionality, etc. We boiled all of that experience down into this simple Forgeline Wheels Track Package to take the guesswork out of upgrading to Forgelines.

Forgeline Wheels Motorsport Series is a range of high-performance wheels specifically designed for motorsport applications. Forgeline Wheels is a renowned manufacturer of custom-made wheels that are known for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and performance. The Motorsport Series caters to the needs of racing enthusiasts, professional racing teams, and track-day enthusiasts who demand wheels that can withstand the rigors of high-speed racing while providing optimal performance.

Forgeline Motorsport Series Center Lock wheels are engineered exclusively for Porsche center lock applications such as the 991 GT2 RS and GT3 RS. To get the perfect set of Forgeline Wheels made for your Porsche, simply choose your wheel style and finish (standard or premium) and we'll get your Forgeline Motorsport wheels rolling.1 It's that easy!

What's Included In The Forgeline Wheels Track Package

The Thunderhill Forgeline Wheels Track Package includes two front and two rear Forgeline Motorsport Series Porsche Center Lock wheels finished in any standard color, with a knurled bead for maximum tire grip. From there you can upgrade to a premium finish, add ultra-sticky track-oriented tires and TPMS, and you've got a truly personalized Forgeline Wheels Track Package.

This Track Package is built around the Forgeline GE1R, GS1R, NW105, and VX1R racing wheels. These are extremely popular with GT3 RS and GT2 RS drivers and complementary to the 991 Porsche's styling. Of course, if you prefer another style of Forgeline Wheels or you just have questions, talk to one of our Forgeline specialists at (844) 438-7244. They will get you set up with a Forgeline Wheels Track Package that's precisely tailored to your needs.

Forgeline Wheels GE1R

The eight-spoke center-locking Forgeline GE1R represents the absolute latest in advanced wheel technology, including one-piece forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, and I-beamed spokes and spans. It combines head-turning good looks with race-ready strength and durability.

Designed for the 991 GT2 RS and GT3 RS, the Forgeline GE1R is a fully-forged one-piece monoblock wheel. Forgeline's computer-simulated FEA design process yields a wheel that is very lightweight and extremely stiff, with excellent fatigue strength.

Forgeline Wheels GS1R

Originally designed for professional racing teams competing in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Grand Sport (GS) class, the Forgeline GS1R combines the latest in advanced wheel technology, including one piece forged monoblock construction, with motorsport-engineered design and I-beamed spokes. This result is a wheel engineered to withstand the rigors of top-level endurance racing. With a 2100-lbs. street tire load rating and exceptional deflection stiffness, the GS1R remains incredibly lightweight. The GS1R features a chamfered outer lip with fewer sharp edges so they're easy to handle.

Forgeline Wheels NW105

The Forgeline NW105 is a one-piece forged monoblock wheel designed specifically for Porsche's 991 RS series. The NW105 combines cutting-edge engineering and sleek aesthetics to enhance the overall performance and appearance of the GT2 RS and GT3 RS. A key aspect of the Forgeline NW105 is its bold, seven-spoke layout with tapered angular spokes strategically designed to optimize airflow and enhance brake cooling.

Forgeline Wheels VX1R

With the striking good looks of Forgeline's popular VX1 street wheel, but with a load rating suitable for dedicated track duty, the VX1R was engineered for beauty and braun! It is a full track-ready competition wheel equal in strength to Forgeline's famous GA1R and GS1R Motorsport Series wheels.

The VX1R features a sharp Y-spoke design with long spokes that flow into the center lock. The one-piece monoblock forging and computer-simulated FEA design process yield a wheel that is lightweight, stiff, and has excellent fatigue strength.

The Best Track Tires For Forgeline Wheels Track Package

Add tires and OEM TPMS sensors to your Forgeline Wheels Track Package and you have a truly plug-and-play solution. With aluminum valve stems in silver, gunmetal, or black, TPMS sensors maintain full functioning of your Tire Pressure Monitoring System on the street and at the track. Tire options have been carefully curated to ensure maximum performance, superior quality, and correct sizing.2 Tires available in this Forgeline Wheels Track Package are as follows:

  • Dunlop Sport Maxx Race
  • Hoosier R7 DOT slicks
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
  • Toyo Proxes R888R

Professionally mounted and Road Force™ balanced3, everything arrives at your door ready to bolt onto your Porsche and hit the street or track!

Forgeline Wheels Come in an Array of Amazing Finishes

Your Forgeline Wheels Track Package can be finished in any of a wide array of colors, machined finishes, and tinted clear-coats. Powder coated for extraordinary durability, Forgeline Wheels on your Porsche look as good as they perform. Any standard finish is included in your Track Package, or you can upgrade to a dazzling premium finish!

These are the colors and finishes that Forgeline Wheels come in


1 Forgeline Motorsport Series wheels are custom made-to-order with lead times of three to five weeks. Thunderhill carries a large inventory of common Porsche fitments, designs, and colors for immediate shipping. Check with us today to see if we have what you're looking for in stock.

2 Tire sizing is extremely important in maintaining proper ABS, PTM, and PASM function. Thunderhill carefully selects tires and sizes to maximize performance and safety. Not all tires are available in all wheel sizes.

3 We use adhesive balancing weights covered by aluminum heat tape to keep them in place under race track conditions. If you don't want the weights taped, just let us know.

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