Forgeline Wheels Gen 5 & 6 Camaro ZL1 Track Package (19 Inch)

$7,195.00 $8,010.00 -11% OFF

Wheel Design

GS1R VX1R +$400

Tire Package

None Hoosier R7 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Forgeline Wheels Gen 5 & 6 Camaro ZL1 Track Package (19 Inch)

Wheel Design

GS1R VX1R +$400

Tire Package

None Hoosier R7 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

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Forgeline Wheels Track Package
Gen 5 & 6 Camaro ZL1

This Forgeline Wheels Track Package Fits These Cars:

  • Gen 5 Camaro ZL1 (2012-15)
  • Gen 6 Camaro ZL1 incl. 1LE (2017+)

The Best Racing Wheels Available for the Camaro ZL1

We've sold lots of sets of Forgeline Competition Series wheels to customers wanting to take the awe-inspiring Gen 5 & Gen 6 Camaro ZL1 to the next level of performance. From this experience, we have optimized wheel sizes, offsets, brake and fender clearance, tire choices, etc., and now we've created this simple Track Package to take the guesswork out of upgrading your Camaro. Choose between the GS1R and VX1R, our most popular wheels for the ZL1 (or give us a call at (844) 438-7244 if you prefer a different style).

Forgeline Wheels have perfected the balance between light weight (the GS1R weighs about 21 lbs) and strength (it has a 2100-lb. street tire load rating), making them the best race proven, track-ready forged aluminum wheels available. With the Thunderhill Track Package, just choose your wheel style, select your color, add TPMS and tires if you like, and we'll get your custom Forgeline package started.1 It's that easy!

What's Included In Our Forgeline Wheels Track Package

Our Forgeline Wheels Track Package includes two front and two rear 19-inch Forgeline Motorsport Series wheels, optimized for the Camaro ZL1 (Gen 5 & 6), finished in any standard color. We include knurled beads on all our Forgeline Wheels to keep sticky tires from slipping around the rims under heavy braking. (Tires get hot, it happens!)

Track-Oriented Tires and OEM TPMS Complete Your Track Package

We use OEM TPMS with stems hard-anodized silver, gunmetal, or black to complement your choice of wheel finish. This maintains the functionality of your TPMS system on the street and race track.

Choose from these sticky, racing-oriented tires:

  • Hoosier R7 DOT slicks
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Tires are professionally mounted and Road Force™ balanced so everything arrives at your door ready to bolt onto your ZL1 and go!

Forgeline Wheels GS1R

Forgeline GS1R forged racing wheel for the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Camaro ZL1Originally designed for professional racing teams competing in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Grand Sport (GS) class, the Forgeline GS1R exemplifies the latest in advanced wheel technology, including one-piece forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, and I-beamed spokes. It's engineered to withstand the rigors of top-level endurance racing with a 2100 lb street tire load rating and exceptional deflection stiffness.

The GS1R features an open-lug center area for up to a pound in additional weight reduction and improved access to the lugs. Combined with a chamfered outer lip, this enables faster wheel changes.

Forgeline Wheels VX1R

Forgeline VX1R forged racing wheel for the Gen 5 & Gen 6 Camaro ZL1Combining the look of the popular VX1 with a load rating suitable for dedicated track duty, the VX1R is one of the most popular wheels for the GT4. It's a full track-ready competition wheel equal in strength to the famous GA1R and GS1R Competition Series wheels.

The VX1R features a sharp Y-spoke design with long spokes that wrap around the lug holes, striking sharp angles, a deep concave profile, and chamfered outer edge. Beyond just beautiful style, the VX1R starts as a one-piece monoblock forging, and Forgeline's computer-simulated FEA design process results in a wheel that is lightweight, stiff, and has excellent fatigue strength


1 Forgeline Motorsport Series wheels are custom made to order. Lead time on Forgeline Wheels is typically three to five weeks from order to shipment.

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