Brembo Brakes Front 405x34 GT-R Six Piston (M2, M3, M4)


Rotor Type

Drilled Slotted Type III

Brembo Brakes Front 405x34 GT-R Six Piston (M2, M3, M4)

Rotor Type

Drilled Slotted Type III

Brembo Front 405x34 Rotors & Six-Piston Calipers

This Front Brake Kit Fits The Following Cars:

  • BMW M2 (F87)
  • BMW M3 (F80)
  • BMW M4 (F82)

The Most Sophisticated High Performance Braking System Ever Manufactured For Your BMW

This is a lightweight two-piece rotor and caliper system for racing, track days, and high-performance driving. The Brembo GT System combines increased thermal capacity of large 405mm discs and lightweight characteristics of 2-piece floating rotors for an extremely versatile and durable system on or off the track.

Brembo GT Systems are designed and tested specifically for track-day enthusiasts and drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars. These kits offer superlative performance for both everyday driving and demanding track-day sessions.

Racing-Derived Monoblock Calipers in Billet Aluminium

Brembo GT-R monoblock brake calipers are the strongest and lightest for BMWLightweight, rigid and resistant to high temperatures, Brembo GT-R calipers are made from billet aluminum with a radial 6-piston arrangement. Brembo GT-R calipers reduce unsprung weight, a key to improving suspension dynamics and vehicle performance.

These Brembo calipers are designed to provide constant, predictable braking strength and a stable, reliable pedal. Individual pistons with stainless steel radiators allow a significant reduction in heat transmission during extreme driving, reducing brake wear and fade to a minimum.

Brembo GT-R calipers are nickel plated to protect against corrosion, giving you extraordinary Brembo quality that lasts. The Brembo logo is CNC machined in red embossing.

Two-Piece Floating Discs Reduce Unsprung Weight and Dissipate Heat Quickly

Brembo 2 Piece Floating Rotors Reduce Weight on the BMW M2 M3 and M4

Brembo GT-R braking systems include two piece floating discs which reduce the suspended weight and dissipate heat quickly.

The floating disc uses anti-noise hardware that is the direct result of Brembo's experience with brakes designed for Formula 1 competition. Each disc is 405mm in diameter and 34mm thick.

Brembo Brake Pads Provide Optimum Performance in Various Driving Conditions

BMW GT-R Racing Brakes for BMW M2 M3 M4 the best brakes for track days

The Brembo GT-R range offers a series of friction material which is able to meet a wide range of driving types. Brembo gives you optimum braking performance in various driving conditions, both on and off the track. In addition to High Performance Street brake pads, pads with racing/track-day friction material are also available.

In order to guarantee correct installation, the GT-R kit includes all the necessary hardware, such as billet brackets and installation adaptors plus stainless steel Goodridge brake lines.

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