Brembo Brakes Front 380x34 CCM-R + GT-R Six Piston (BMW E9x M3)


Brembo Brakes Front 380x34 CCM-R + GT-R Six Piston (BMW E9x M3)


Brembo Front 380x34 Rotors & Six-Piston Calipers

The Most Sophisticated High Performance Braking System Ever Manufactured for the BMW E9x M3

This is a lightweight carbon ceramic 2-piece rotor and caliper system for racing, track days, and high-performance driving. Brembo's GT System performance combines superior wear (5x longer than iron), increased thermal capacity, and the extremely lightweight characteristics of CCM-R for an extremely versatile and durable system on or off the track.
Brembo's GT Systems are designed and tested specifically for track-day enthusiasts and drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars. These kits offer superlative performance for both everday driving and demanding track-day sessions.

The heart of the kit consists of monoblock aluminium calipers, machined from a single billet of cast aluminium to ensure outstanding rigidity and minimized deformation under heavy braking. The 2-piece floating rotors supplied in the kit feature an exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%.

Cross-drilled finishes are designed and executed with meticulous precision. These holes in the braking surface help dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases. A set of high-performance brake pads with specific friction materials for the M3 (E90/92/93), TUV/DOT homologated metal-braided hoses, plus an adapter and high-quality fastener hardware complete the kit.

Racing-Derived Monoblock Calipers in Billet Aluminium

Lightweight, rigid and resistant to high temperatures, Brembo's GT-R calipers are made from billet aluminium with a radial 6-piston arrangement. They reduce unsprung weight, improving suspension dynamics and vehicle performance.
These Brembo calipers are designed to provide constant, predictable braking strength and a stable, reliable pedal. Individual pistons with stainless steel radiators allow a significant reduction in heat transmission during extreme driving, reducing brake wear and fade to a minimum.

Brembo GT-R calipers are nickel plated to guarantee protection against corrosion, providing longveity and high quality in the field. The Brembo logo is CNC machined in red embossing.

Two-Piece CCM-R Rotors Reduce Weight and Dissipate Heat

GT-R braking systems include 2-piece floating discs which reduce unsprung weight and dissipate heat quickly. The floating disc's anti-noise hardware is the direct result of Brembo's experience with brakes designed for Formula 1 competition. The discs are 380mm in diameter and 34mm thick.

Pads Provide Optimum Performance in Various Conditions

The GT-R range offers a series of friction material which is able to meet a wide range of driving types. These offer optimum performance in various driving conditions, both on and off the race track.

The GT-R kit includes all the necessary hardware such as billet brackets and installation adaptors, as well as stainless steel Goodridge brake lines, to guarantee a seamless installation.


  • Brembo GT-R CCM-R Systems
  • Caliper Body: Billet Monobloc Radial Mount
  • Caliper Color: Nickel Plated
  • Number of Pistons: 6
  • Disc Size and Construction: 380mm x 34mm CCM-R
  • Disc Type: Drilled
  • Disc Vane Design: Vented Straight Vane
  • Disc Material: Carbon Ceramic Matrix-Race (CCM-R) / Pre-Bedded
  • Disc to Hat Mounting: Floating H-Bobbin with Anti Rattle Spring
  • Front or Rear System: FRONT
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines

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