AiM Sports MXT 1.3


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AiM Sports MXT 1.3

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AiM MXT 1.3 Logger with GPS

Ready to elevate your racing game? Meet the AiM MXT 1.3 Logger with GPS – the ultimate data logging dash that transforms your track day into a high-tech mission. This bad boy isn't just a dashboard; it's your new best friend on the circuit.

Features And Benefits

Flexibility and Customization Galore: The AiM MXT 1.3 boasts an extra-large 1280x480 pixel (10" diagonal) TFT display, breaking free from the boring, factory-designed LCDs. Want your data your way? You got it! The customizable screen lets you set up eight different pages with unique designs.

Data Overload (In the Best Way): With eight analog input channels, you can sample, log, and display a wide array of temperatures, pressures, and potentiometers (think throttle and steering positions). And that's just the start. A CAN input allows endless expansion with AiM CAN Data Hubs (sold separately). Connect Lambda (O2) sensors, SmartyCam, or even more channels without using analog inputs!

Ultimate Compatibility: Hook up to multiple ECUs to log any data your engine management system gathers. The MXT 1.3 also includes an internal gyroscope, 3-axis g-sensor, GPS module, four-wheel speed channels, a lap time receiver input, and two digital outputs. It's a data-logging beast that grows with you.

Visual Delight: Housed in a sleek, anodized aluminum frame (10.94" x 5.3"), the 9.6" x 3.6" screen auto-dims to match your environment. Configure ten shift light LEDs and six alarm LEDs to flash in any of seven colors, triggered by your custom conditions. Set shift lights for each gear, choose colors, and more!

Rear-View Magic: An extra port lets you connect analog cameras to use the dash as a backup or rear-view mirror display. Note: this doesn't work with the SmartyCam, but it's perfect for other cameras.

Massive Storage and Easy Downloads: With 4GB of non-volatile memory, store hours of race data for deep dives later. Download everything to your computer using the built-in secure Wi-Fi – no cables needed.

What’s in the Box?

The MXT 1.3 data logging display, wiring harness with a 37-pin Deutsch connector, and the GPS09 module. Note: All sensors are sold separately, and for additional connections, you’ll need the AiM MX-Series Auxiliary Wiring Harness with 22-Pin Deutsch Connector (also sold separately).

Product Specifications:

  • Display: 1280x480 pixel (10" diagonal) TFT
  • Housing: 10.94" x 5.3" anodized aluminum
  • Channels: 8 analog inputs, 1 CAN input
  • Sensors: Internal gyroscope, 3-axis g-sensor, GPS module, 4 wheel speed channels
  • Memory: 4GB non-volatile
  • Connectivity: Secure Wi-Fi, 2 digital outputs
  • Power Supply: 9 - 15V external


Q: Can the MXT 1.3 connect to my car's ECU? A: Absolutely! The MXT 1.3 can connect to a wide range of ECUs to log any data collected by the engine control unit.

Q: How many pages can I customize on the display? A: You can create up to eight different pages, each with its unique screen design.

Q: Do I need a separate power supply? A: Yes, the MXT 1.3 requires a 9 - 15V external power supply.

Q: Is the SmartyCam compatible with the camera input port? A: No, the extra port on the MXT 1.3 is not compatible with the SmartyCam. It’s designed for other analog cameras.

Q: What do I need for additional connections? A: For analog channels 5-8, speed inputs 2-4, digital outputs, and RS232 ECU connection, you’ll need the AiM MX-Series Auxiliary Wiring Harness with 22-Pin Deutsch Connector (sold separately).

Ready to dominate the track? The AiM MXT 1.3 Logger with GPS is your ticket to precision, performance, and endless customization. Don’t just drive – thrive. Grab yours today and leave your competition in the dust!

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All other sensors and modules sold separately.

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