A2-159 Girodisc 2pc Rear Brake Rotors (McLaren 570 - 650S - 600LT - 720S)


A2-159 Girodisc 2pc Rear Brake Rotors (McLaren 570 - 650S - 600LT - 720S)



  • McLaren 650S
  • McLaren 570S
  • McLaren 720S
  • McLaren 600LT

Thunderhill is an authorized dealer for Girodisc products and we are one of the largest stocking dealers in the country. We ship most Girodisc systems the same or next business day to ensure we meet your delivery deadline.

The Girodisc system for the McLaren 600LT, 720S, 650S or 570S is a direct replacement for the OEM carbon ceramic rotors. No modifications are necessary, the Girodisc rotors will bolt directly to your McLaren and work with the original calipers without issue.

We recommend Pagid 4346 racing brake pads for this Girodisc system, in either RS29 (endurance) or RS14 (sprint) compound.

The central hat section of the disc is made from 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum. The disc is made from cast iron to the same specification and material as used by professional racing organizations. It is a curved vane design, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump to force cooling air through the disc.

The rotor and hat have a floating mount system, which utilizes 10 high strength alloy steel drive pins, manufactured by Girodisc to our own specifications and cadmium plated for a long lasting corrosion resistance. These pins take the load from braking actions while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc. In order to keep the rotors from making noise when cold, the pins are mounted with anti-noise spring washers on the rotor side which allow the rotor to grow with heat expansion but eliminate the rattle and noise associated with floating rotors. This float also allows the rotor to self center between the pads.

Once the Girodisc system is in place, simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed.

When used with Pagid pads and high-temp racing brake fluid, you have a truly amazing, race-proven solution to the fragile, ultra-expensive carbon-ceramic rotors on your McLaren.

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