Coolshirt Evolution Shirt
Coolshirt Coolshirt Evolution Shirt $241.00
Coolshirt Evolution Shirt Featuring double the tubing of their standard shirt for more cooling, the new Coolshirt Evolution driver cooling shirt takes advantage of their race-tested tubing and sewing methods. The new cotton Evolution shirt is just as comfortable, rugged and easy-to-use as the shirts that Coolshirt started the driver-cooling industry with. The new Evolution shirt is compatible with all Coolshirt cooling systems and accessories -- just plug in and cool off! If you've ever wanted more cooling, the Evolution series is perfect for you. FEATURES: Double the tubing of standard Coolshirt CoolWater shirts Won’t shrink, pick or fade Extra length Clean seams for increased comfort Machine wash, machine dry
Chillout Systems Quantum v3 Cooler
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems Quantum v3 Cooler $2,899.00
Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler Finally! No more dragging around bags of ice and gallons of water for your driver cooling! The Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler is the most powerful, portable iceless cooling system ever designed for auto racing. Requiring no ice or water, this driver cooling system is completely maintenance-free, running solely off a rotary micro-compressor that is as powerful as other compressors five times its size! Pumping Chillout's proprietary coolant formula at a rate of 20 liters per minute at 16 psi through specially-designed cooling apparel, this system is electronically limited to cool to 40º F (5º C) despite being capable of cooling much lower than that. The Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler is simple to use while offering more customizable features than ever before, including five temperature settings that accommodate varying race-day conditions and a bright, easy-to-read digital display. Weighing less than 11 pounds, the Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler is portable and hot-swappable, so you can quickly move it from one mounting location to another within seconds. A dash-mountable digital control/display is available for installations where the system is beyond the driver's reach. Chillout Quantum v3 Cooler Includes: Quantum Cooler Mounting Tray Wiring Harness Locking Ball Pins Quantum v3 Cooler Cross Compatibility: The Chillout Systems Quantum v3 Cooler is compatible with other brands of cooling shirts that use 1/4" tubing. You will need to purchase the Chillout Systems Dual Prong Adapter and Insulated Hose in order to connect to non-Chillout shirts. Ducting plenum (shown) sold separately.
Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3 Liter Steel Electric System
Lifeline Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3 Liter Steel Electric System $999.99
Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3 Liter Steel Electric System Designed for sedan racers who need 5 zones of protection and need to take some weight off their car, the Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3.0ltr Electric Fire Suppression System is electrically actuated, and has 3.0 Liter capacity of the new Zero 2020 AFFF agent. This Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3.0ltr Electric Fire Suppression System is complete and ready to install to protect you and your race car. Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3.0ltr Electric Fire Suppression System Details: Manufacturer: Lifeline Manufacturer part number: 106-001-012 Rating: FIA Technical List 16 approved EX.064.21 Bottle material: Aluminum Bottle size: 155mm diameter x 238mm length Discharge method: Electrical, 2 push buttons Lifeline Zero 2020 FIA 3.0ltr Electric Fire Suppression System Contents: Filled and FIA certified ready to install bottle: 1 Electrical power control pack: 1 Cockpit discharge switch: 1 External discharge switch: 1 Mount bracket and Straps: 2 8mm discharge tubing: 6 meters length Heat proof over braid for discharge tubing: 6 meters Electrical discharge control power pack: 1 Electrical discharge plug and lead assembly: 1 8mm Bulkhead Fitting for firewall to engine: 1 Discharge nozzles: 5 Discharge tubing T connectors: 4 Lifeline Zero 2020 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. The Lifeline 106-001-012 system performs supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus has full compliance with MSA, FIA, SCCA, PCA, NASA, IMSA, SRO and SCCA requirements.Lifeline's range of FIA certified race car fire systems have been homologated by the FIA for use in International motorsport and has been awarded the homologation numbers EX.064.21. The FIA homologation requires that the systems be tested to the FIA standard for plumbed in fire systems. These tests were witnessed by the British Standards Institute and MSA. Lifeline electrically discharged race car systems are activated by pressing a strategically mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator extends a steel pin upon activation breaking a frangible seal in the neck of the cylinder and thus discharging the contents. All Lifeline electrical systems have their own independent power supply called a power pack that has facilities for checking the battery strength and circuit continuity as well as giving a visible indication that the system is armed. Lifeline fire systems are pressurized canisters and can be only shipped ground
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat
Sabelt Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat $1,179.00
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat The Sabelt GT-Pad racing seat is Sabelt’s first modular seat, offering drivers the most customization available outside of a custom-built racing seat. The lightweight shell is covered with a velour fabric that is highly resistant to wear, looks great and is extremely comfortable even for extended stints when endurance racing.Additional seat pad kits (Medium, Large, and XL) are available in either red or black, making it possible to customize the seat to both your fitment needs and your design taste by utilizing different colored and/or sized pads. The Sabelt GT-Pad is a truly ground-breaking seat design bringing everyone the fit, finish, and comfort previously available only with custom-made racing seats. FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 homologation. Medium weighs 23.5 lbs. Large weighs 23.3 lbs. XL weighs 23.1 lbs. Developed using Sabelt's experience participating in the world’s leading racing series. Integrated head protection system. Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 to improve driver safety. Rear structural reinforcement. Ergonomic foam sections developed through CAD simulations and tested by professional drivers to improve driving comfort. Kinderpoint anti-slip fabric on shoulder bolsters. Air Ducting System uses space between pads to improve air circulation and breathability.
Sabelt Silver Series Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness
Sabelt Sabelt Silver Series Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness $579.00
Sabelt Silver Series Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness Includes both pull-up and pull-down lap belts, offering more flexibility than any other harness on the market! Replacing the previous design which featured 2"/3" combination shoulder straps, the new Sabelt Silver Series 6-Point Racing Harness uses 2″ belts throughout, secured with lightweight aluminum hardware. The harness is easily adjusted in the cockpit with bright yellow tabs that pull down, making driver changes and cockpit ingress/egress easier than ever. The newly-designed cam lock buckle now integrates the sub belts into the fixture, heightening driver safety in the event of an impact. A number of other handy features have been added, including communication and hydration routing on top of the shoulder straps and silicone grip on the underside to keep your head-and-neck restraint device securely in place while on the track. Sabelt is an industry-leading manufacturer of motorsport harnesses and accessories, for good reason. FEATURES: FIA certified. New compact buckle is fully integrated with the sub-belts. Easily adjusted using yellow pull-down straps. Velcro patches on shoulder straps for securing loose ends. Communication/hydration routing on shoulder belts keep lines secure and out of the way.
Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 roll bar premium safety cage from CMS Performance at the lowest price
CMS Performance CMS Performance Roll Bar for Porsche Cayman (718/981 All) $2,795.00
CMS Performance Bolt-In Roll Bar For Porsche 981 & 718 Cayman This Roll Bar Fits The Following Cars: 2014-16 (981) Cayman Base, S, GTS, GT4 2017+ (718) Cayman Base, S, GTS, GT4 Hands Down the Best Roll Bar for the Porsche Cayman The CMS Performance Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, and most beautifully constructed roll bar on the market for your Cayman. In designing our roll bar, safety and structural rigidity were our primary goals. That's why we use 1.75 x .095" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing, much stronger than the smaller-diameter 4130 CrMo tubing others use. The harness cross-bar is designed to put your harness shoulder straps at the proper angle (0° to -20°) and distance to the driver, regardless of your seat position. Yet the CMS roll bar requires no cutting through the carpeted hump in the middle of your interior (replacing this carpet is expensive if you ever want to return your car to stock). This also provides an ideal mount for a SmartyCam video camera. Unsurpassed Design and Meticulous American-Made Craftsmanship Our use of Docol R8 tubing throughout also lets us keep the driver's rear view unobstructed by the rear diagonal bracing typically used to support weaker roll bars. This also gives you unfettered access to the engine cover without removing any part of your roll bar. Other roll bars require partial removal to get at your engine -- not ideal in a car that sees track time. The CMS Performance Roll Bart for the Porsche Cayman features rear kickers bolted to the Cayman's rear shock towers, the safest, strongest possible mounting points. This mounting also adds rigidity to the chassis and suspension for improved handling. The main roll hoop is mounted to the frame structure across the rear bulkhead for lighter weight and superior strength. The Only Roll Bar Color-Matched to Your Porsche CMS Performance has perfected the process of powder coating each roll bar in a color custom-matched to Porsche's OEM color palette. This gives your Cayman roll bar a truly unique, from-the-factory look. We also offer technical powder coat finishes like the amazing-looking Superchrome! Or you can go with a rich satin black for a more stealthy, low-key installation. Every CMS roll bar is professionally powder-coated to order in-house. Fully TIG welded by master welders using superior materials, the design, strength, fit, and finish of the CMS roll bar all add up to this: you can spend more on a roll bar, but you only get the best from CMS. Add Premium Porsche-Specific Harnesses for Added Safety Up the track-day safety factor with six-point Schroth Enduro 2x2 GT4, Schroth Flexi 2x2 GT4, or Sabelt Silver Series GT4 harnesses specially designed for your Porsche. Or for a more convenient installation, four-point Schroth Profi II ASM GT4 or Sabelt Porsche GT4 harnesses can be added to your order using our convenient pull-down menus above! All of these harnesses are specifically designed to bolt right directly to your Porsche lightweight carbon bucket seats. (Some Porsche passenger seats do not have a factory sub-strap pass throughs.) If you're installing six-point harnesses in your Porsche, we strongly recommend adding the CMS Performance Sub Strap Mount to your order. Custom-made from solid steel, these provide a strong, properly located anchor for your anti-submarine straps and are easy to install alongside your roll bar. Click Here For Installation Instructions CMS Performance Porsche Cayman Roll Bar Details: Materials: main hoop and kickers 1.75 x .095" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel Construction: fully TIG welded Design: One-piece main hoop and three-piece rear kickers for ease of installation Design features: Easy engine access without removing any part of the roll bar; no cutting through the middle of your expensive carpet; CNC cut mounting plates; CNC machined interlocking roll bar clamps Designed, built, and finished in the USA by CMS Performance Easy to install and perfect fitment guaranteed Detailed installation instructions and all necessary hardware Porsche Cayman Roll Bar Options: Pre-cut OEM Porsche interior trim for easier installation, preserving your original trim CMS Performance Sub Strap Mount for six-point harness installation This product is intended for off-road race track use only.
The best highest performance racing brake fluid on the market today is CMS Performance RF1 with a dry boiling point of 622ºF!
Competition Motorsport CMS Performance RF1 DOT4 Racing Brake Fluid (500 ml) from $24.95
CMS Performance RF1 DOT4 622oF Racing Brake Fluid Buy in bulk and save. Get six bottles and save 15%, or a case of 12 and save a whopping 25%! The Highest Dry Boiling Point Racing Brake Fluid You Can Buy CMS Performance RF1 fully synthetic Racing Brake Fluid is formulated to provide the highest performance under racing and track-day conditions, where braking systems operate at very high sustained temperatures. RF1 exceeds all DOT 3 & 4 requirements and is compatible with all DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 fluids. (Not compatible with DOT5 or mineral-based brake fluids.) There is perhaps no single safety system more important in racing than brakes. And no part of that system is more critical than brake fluid. At Competition Motorsport, we got tired of (and a little nervous) using "racing" brake fluid on the track that didn't live up to its claimed performance. So we did something about it. Manufactured in partnership with Orthene Chemicals, a British brake fluid supplier to professional race teams in Formula 1, WEC, and many other pro series, CMS Performance RF1 Racing Brake Fluid is formulated to maintain consistent viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility at extreme temperatures and line pressures found in racing, track days, and spirited driving. Bottom line: you can spend more money, but you can't buy higher-performing racing brake fluid! CMS Performance RF1 Racing Brake Fluid Specifications: Typical dry boiling point: 622° F (328° C) Typical wet boiling point: 399° F (204° C) Exceeds DOT3 & DOT4 standards Individual 500 ml (16.7 oz.) bottles Click Here For The RF1 Product MSDS Sheet A Note About Brake Fluid Boiling Points DOT 4 brake fluid like RF1 is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water over time sitting in your brake lines and reservoir. At high brake temperatures, this water can boil in your car's brake lines, causing the fluid in the lines to become compressible. That's what you feel when you experience brake fade. This is why the "wet" (aged fluid) boiling point of any brake fluid is substantially lower than the "dry" (brand new fluid) boiling point. Since time is the enemy of brake fluid performance, the best practice is to replace your racing brake fluid before each track event/weekend. At a minimum, flush it with new fluid at least every three months if you're consistently racing and/or driving at track days. A couple bottles of fluid will flush most sports cars or race cars. It ends up being pretty cheap insurance against learning about brake fade the hard way.
AiM Sports MXG 1.2 Large Color TFT Dash and Data Logger
AiM Sports AiM Sports MXG 1.2 Large Color TFT Dash and Data Logger from $2,899.00
AiM MXG 1.2 Large Color TFT 7" Dash & Data Logger The AiM MXG 1.2 data-logging dash represents a huge leap forward in racing display flexibility. The brilliant 800x480 pixel, 7.0" color TFT display frees you from the constraints of a single, factory-designed dash display. The MXG shows you the data you want, the way you want in brilliant, high-contrast color. The MXG 1.2 is a large, brilliant dashlogger designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, an internal accelerometer and gyro, the included GPS08 Module, analog/digital inputs and pre-defined math channels. Performance data acquired can be expanded by adding up to eight expansion modules (sold separately). The large 7" high-color display makes it perfect for installation in wider cockpits (like in touring and GT cars). CONFIGURABLE PAGES You can define all the custom pages you wish, choosing from a large library of page styles and colors, defining which data you want to see and where (including end of scale and units of measure). Swapping between pages is as easy as pushing one or two buttons! INPUT/OUTPUT FLEXIBILITY Eight fully configurable analog input channels can sample, log, and display a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and potentiometers (throttle position, steering wheel position, etc). CAN Inputs allow you to further expand the dash by adding an almost limitless number of AiM CAN Data Hubs (Part No. MC-329, sold separately). These hubs let you connect other inputs such as Lambda Controller (O2), SmartyCam, or even channel expansion hubs, without using any analog channels. A separate CAN Output allows you to send messages to the existing CAN network, adding to the vehicle system control possibilities! The MXG 1.2 can also be connected to many different ECUs to log data gathered by each ECU. An internal three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer; GPS08 input; four wheel-speed channels; lap time receiver input; and two digital outputs add up to a flexible, expandable data logger that can grow with you. It even has a screw-in port to add analog cameras used for back-up or rear view in visibility-challenged race cars! ALARMS & SHIFT LIGHTS Flexible alarms on the MXG 1.2 include six configurable RGB alarm LEDs: you choose the conditions, you choose the colors. Select a solid alarm or flashing one - and the flashing frequency, choose to have an accompanying text message, and set the alarm priorities. The integrated shift light array features a host of advanced multicoloured RGB shift light patterns that can be customized as you like, including RPM max for each individual gear. DIGITAL OUTPUTS The MXG 1.2 features two digital outputs (low-side type, switch to ground) that can be configured to activate/deactivate external systems (switch on/off additionallights, cooling fan relays, fluid circulation pumps, etc.) based on those inputs. MEMORY & WIFI CONNECTIVITY The 4GB non-volatile memory can store hours of information for detailed analysis using AiM's latest Race Studio 3 software. A secure 802.11 WiFi connection makes it even more convenient to configure, calibrate, and download your data wirelessly! No more need to move your PC close to the vehicle, you can do it from your trailer or tow vehicle up to 60 yards away. FEATURES & SPECS: 9.3" x 5.0" x 1.0" Anodized Aluminum housing Large 7.0" high-contrast color TFT display 800x480 pixel screen resolution Internal 4GB memory Two Motorsports and one Binder connector Weight 2.1 lbs (950g) Waterproof IP65 KIT INCLUDES: MXG 1.2 data logging dash GPS08 Module with cable USB cable wiring harness with 37 pin Deutsch connector installation CD with Race Studio 3 software All other sensors and modules sold separately.
Lifeline Zero 360 FIA 3.0kg Novec 1230 Electric System
Lifeline Lifeline Zero 360 FIA 3.0kg Novec 1230 Electric System $1,489.99
Lifeline Zero 360 FIA 3.0kg Novec 1230 Electric Activation System Ground Shipping Only. Pressurized bottles cannot be shipped via air. The latest range of Lifeline range of Zero 360 car fire extinguishers are the result of extensive research and development. Novec™1230 Zero 360represent a significant step forward in motorsport safety, convincingly passing the FIA tests conducted by the British Standards Institute and observed by the MSA. This series of systems has been awarded FIA homologation number EX.042.17 Novec™1230 Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsport car fire extinguishers. Using only the finest materials in both its construction and installation kit this system performed extremely well in the FIA tests for plumbed in fire systems which were witnessed by the British Standard Institute. The Novec™1230 Zero 360 range of car fire extinguishers are significantly smaller and lighter than the current generation of FIA certified foam systems, offering far better packaging within the confines of the modern competition vehicle. The Stored Pressure Electric System is an excellent option for the serious competitor. Electrically operated by the push of a button. This system is is perfect for all categories of motorsport. FEATURES: FIA Homologated Smaller and lighter than ever 3.0kg of 3M™ Novec™1230 liquid clean agent extinguishant Highest quality Constant discharge in any orientation Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities Two year service cycle The choice of world championship winning constructors KIT INCLUDES: Power Pack (x 1) Push Button (x 2) Plug & Lead (x 2) 8mm Tube (x 6m) Heatproof Over Braid (x 6m) Nozzle Straight Inlet (x 2) Double Z Nozzles (x 3) 8mm T Connector (x 1) 8mm Bulkhead Fitting (x 1) 4-way Connector Tube Clips (x 5) Decal Pack (x 1) Bracket and Straps (x 1) Cable Nipple
AiM Sports SmartyCam 3 Sport Data Logger Camera
AiM Sports AiM Sports SmartyCam 3 Sport Data Logger Camera $899.00
AiM Sports SmartyCam 3 Sport The new AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport takes AiM your motorsports video to the next level. Specs include a resolution of 1920x1080 FHD with 60 frames per second (fps) utilizing H.264 (MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding), bringing you the best video quality of any AiM camera ever. This is not a plastic "action-sports" camera, it's a real motorsports camera built to live up to the rigors that a race car demands. The AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport is the latest generation of the best motorsports cameras. If you have an AiM dash and want to add great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance, the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport is your answer. Get the Shot Every Time with Automatic On/Off AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport can be switched on/off automatically by the logger it is connected to. Simply decide what period of non-activity triggers the camera to switch-off. Both operations can also be carried out using the keyboard if you prefer. Recording can also be started/stopped automatically or via keyboard: the camera will start recording when a set speed or RPM threshold is exceeded. You simply decide how long after dropping below the selected threshold the video will automatically stop. No More Distorted "Wave Effect" Race Track Videos Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are not good for video recording. With the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport, you'll never again experience that seasick "wave effect" you see when watching in-race videos recorded by generic cameras in a car screaming at 7000 RPM. The AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport is designed for that environment and for those vibrations. "Wave effect" is now just a memory. Generic action cameras are designed to record videos in many different situations, such as skiing or surfing. But in motorsports they tend to record misleading videos, straightening out the view ahead. When on track, this distorted view makes the corners seem to disappear. So, when you review your track performance those videos are useless because the images are distorted. Lenses Designed WIth Motorsports In Mind Being a camera dedicated to motorsports, AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport features lenses specifically designed to eliminate distortion. The camera is available in two versions: 67º and 84º field-of-view. The former is most suited to in-car, closed-cockpit use. The latter is best used mounted to the exterior of either open- or closed-cockpit cars. Real Time Data Overlay With no driver input, the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport will automatically overlay all the data you need onto your videos: speed, RPM, lap number, gear shifts and much more. Simply choose the data and the graphic layout you prefer from the huge selection of overlays available. What Kind of Data? AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport overlays data from different sources onto your videos. All this info can be overlayed on videos at each single point of the track. From a GPS: track map and vehicle position, speed, lap- and split-times. From an Aim logger connected to your ECU: RPM, throttle, engaged gear, acceleration, temperatures, pressures, and additional sensor values (if available). AiM RaceStudio 3 Software With RaceStudio 3, the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport dedicated software, you can add your logo and track map to your videos. There's also a wide choice of graphical objects available, allowing you to choose from a list of pre-determined sets with the same layout, or to combine single objects from different sets. Now your videos will be truly “yours” in all details, from data to their graphic design. AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport Video Camera Details: Manufacturer: AiM Manufacturer part number, 67° FOV: XS3S674U Manufacturer part number, 84° FOV: XS3S844U Included cable length: 4M (13 feet) Connector to dash harness or data hub: SmartyCam 712 female Audio: Internal microphone
Sold out
OMP WRC-R Racing Seat (Regular or XL)
OMP OMP WRC-R Racing Seat (Regular or XL) from $849.00
OMP WRC-R Racing Seat SIZES: Regular or XL The OMP WRC-R Racing Seat offers professional-level features in a classic design with aggressive side and thigh bolsters. Upholstered in OMP's highly breathable Airtex material to keep you cool and improve performance even in the hottest conditions. The WRC-R features removable back/base cushions and a comfortable split-leg bottom cushion. High side-bolsters offer excellent lateral leg support, while the HANS-compatible shoulder harness slots accomodate various driver heights. Seat gel-coated fiberglass shell. Large . High side bolsters for lateral leg support for higher protection. Removable back, base and leg cushion for maximum individual seating comfort. Available in both Regular and XL sizes (the XL is wider and taller). FEATURES: FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standard Removable cushions in the back, base and split leg High side bolsters for great lateral leg support Large harness slots 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg) Regular 23.5 lbs (10.7 kg) XL
Sabelt Tow Straps
Sabelt Sabelt Tow Straps $25.00
Sabelt Tow Straps Simple, safe and effective tow straps for your race car.
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts
Coolshirt Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts from $167.00
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt The Coolshirt Cool Water shirt paired with a Coolshirt Club System or MobileCool Bag System (sold separately) circulates cooled water over the driver’s torso, keeping them comfortable and focused on the race track! The Coolshirt Cool Water shirt connects to any cooling system with a quick-disconnect insulated hose. Advanced moisture-wicking properties, antimicrobial protection, and “clean seam” tubing sewn into the interior of the Coolshirt Cool Water shirt keeps the driver cool, dry, and comfortable. The patented non-kink tubing helps ensure consistent, continual cooling. All Coolshirt Cool Water shirts are easy-care with no special laundering needed. Just machine wash and hang to dry. Won’t pick, fade, or shrink. Cool Water shirt is available in black or white.

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