HALO P1 High Performance Brake Fluid
Castrol HALO P1 High Performance Brake Fluid $68.00
  HALO P1 High Performance Brake Fluid Imagine hitting the apex of a corner, your foot hammers down on the brake, and you feel... absolute perfection. That's Halo P1 for you. Developed with Fade Resistant Technology, this specialist brake fluid is the secret sauce for top-tier motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Why? Because when you're tearing up the track, the last thing you want is a mushy pedal feel. Halo P1 delivers a low and stable compressibility profile over an extended temperature range, ensuring your pedal feel remains as consistent as your lap times. Features & Benefits That'll Make You Weep Tears of Joy Fade Resistant Technology: Keeps your pedal feel consistent, lap after lap, so you can focus on nailing those corners. Pure Methyl Borate Ester Base: The purity level here is so high, it's like the distilled essence of speed itself, ensuring extreme resistance to compression, even when things get hot (and we mean really hot). World-Beating Dry Boiling Point: At 341°C/646°F, it's like this fluid laughed in the face of boiling points and set a new standard. Low Viscosity & High Lubricity: Because your brake system deserves to be as smooth as your driving skills. What Makes Halo P1 The Secret Weapon? While other brake fluids are off playing checkers, Halo P1 is mastering chess. It's not just another methyl glycol borate ester brake fluid; it's a revolution in braking performance. With its unique proprietary manufacturing process, it achieves the highest levels of purity and the lowest compressibility possible, remaining constant over a wide temperature range. This is the highest boiling point of any racing brake fluid on the market, folks. And the lubricity? Off the charts, especially at high temperatures. FAQs That'll Clear the Air Before you rush off to convert your entire garage to a Halo P1 shrine, let's tackle some of those burning questions you might have: "Can I use Halo P1 in my daily driver?" As much as we love the enthusiasm, Halo P1 is a race-only formula. It's like putting a rocket booster on a bicycle – thrilling, but not recommended. "How often should I change my brake fluid with Halo P1?" Regular maintenance is key in racing. Check with your team or mechanic, but before every major race is a good rule of thumb. The Call to Action You've Been Waiting For So, are you ready to elevate your racing game to legendary status? To feel the rush of confidence as you brake later and harder, knowing your brake fluid won't let you down? It's time to switch to Halo P1. Your podium awaits.
Castrol React SRF Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid
Castrol Castrol React SRF Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid $74.95
Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid is an ultra-high performance brake fluid popular with many of the highest performing auto racing teams around the world. The key to Castrol SRF brake fluid's superior performance is its silicon-ester technology. Not only is it less hygroscopic (i.e., it absorbs less water) than typical glycol-based brake fluids, Castrol SRF also reacts chemically with any absorbed water to further reduce its adverse effects on high-temperature braking performance. The result is an almost unheard of 518° F (270° C) wet boiling point -- more than 100° F higher than most other racing brake fluids! Exceeds SAE 1703, ISO 4925, JIS K2233, FMVSS No. 116 DOT3 and DOT 4 specifications. Note: Castrol SRF is not a silicone-based brake fluid (e.g., DOT 5) and is compatible with most factory brake systems and fluids. Always follow vehicle manufacturer's recommendations when adding brake fluid. TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Dry Boiling Point: 590°F (310°C) Wet Boiling Point: 518°F (270°C) Superior anti-vapor lock properties One-liter (1000ml) bottle

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