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SS-1001  Girodisc S-S Pads (Front)
Girodisc SS-1001 Girodisc S-S Pads (Front) $120.00
The Girodisc S/S or "street/strip" pads represent the ultimate in high performance brake pads. The semi-metallic compound maintains a consistent coefficient of friction from 0o to 1000o F, making them an ideal option for people who are looking for a dual-purpose pad that works really well on both the street and the race track. The formula has very little compressibility, ensuring a very firm pedal and immediate bite and making the S/S pads a favorite among autocrossers and drivers who demand the most out of their street cars. Inevitably, these will dust more than Girodisc Magic Pads, but with the Girodisc anti-noise shims that come on every set of pads they will not make any noise if they are bedded-in properly. We recommend always replacing pads as a whole car set when switching compounds. All S/S pads come with anti-noise shims pre-installed and included in the price. If you have any questions, give us a call at (844) 438-7244. We're happy to help!

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