Race Technologies RE10 Brake Pad - 2416.18.RE10
Race Technologies Race Technologies RE10 Brake Pad - 2416.18.RE10 $549.00
Race Technologies Racing Brake Pads RT RE10 COMPOUND1 RE10 is the ultimate endurance race compound, offering a balance of excellent stopping power, low thermal conductivity, and extremely low pad and rotor wear. Utilizing the latest friction material technology, Race Technologies RE10 offers consistent performance in the most demanding environments. Typical applications include professional endurance racing, club racing, and HPDE on high braking demand platforms. RACING PAD NOTES: Running a "racing use only" pad on the street could produce excessive noise and dust. Rotor wear could be accelerated if driven at consistently cold temperatures or used in the incorrect temperature range. Racing pads are designed to work in specific temperature ranges so it's important to choose the right compound for the environment the vehicle will be used in. Pad compounds are tested on a brake dynamometer over repeated brake applications to test the materials in a controlled environment. Real-world wear rates and temperatures will be influenced by car setup, grip levels, track layout and other variables. Note 1: "RE" denotes a "racing use only" pad compound.
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Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1544
Pagid Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 1544 $275.37
Pair of front brake pads for BMW E30 318is - 325i,Z1, Citroen ZX 2.0 16V. Racing oriented and built to withstand high temperatures. See full fitment list below. RSL29 Compound Overview The Pagid RSL29 compound, formerly known as Pagid RS29, is a long time favorite and reliable pad. It features very good modulation and release characteristics through a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The friction level of the material maintains constant at a low-medium level. Combined with easy bedding-in behavior, this compound is very popular in club racing, for track days, GT cars, touring cars and prototype endurance racing. Due to the excellent modulation characteristics, the RSL29 pads is also often used in sprint races. Model Compatibility BMW 318is - 325i [E30] 1982 - 1993 Front BMW Z1 1988 - 1991 Front Citroën ZX 2.0 16V 1996 - 1997 Front

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